For a limited time, the 1st 3 months of your partnership with GW Investments Network, we’ll offer you 2 positions (a $400 value) for $300! You’ll save $100 a month for 3 months!

Real Estate Investing + Network Marketing =

A Great Opportunity for Anyone!

The concept of G.W. Investments Network, LP operates on a Debt Free principle of ownership. Typically real estate investments use financing for the purchase of their properties, leading to debt service costs that diminish the returns paid to the investors.  Acquiring properties debt free (paid in full) at the time of purchase produces a larger return on investment for the partners and greater flexibility in decisions of management, maintenance, and improvements.


This debt free ownership is accomplished by the monthly investment from the Partners in The Network. Each position, or share of The Network, is $200 per month, but with our innovative referral program this fee is easily offset. So…. How Does This Work?


  • Monthly Payments

  • The More Guest You Have, The Greater The Return


    As you invite friends and loved ones to invest in this innovative Network, you become the host of these guests. Just as you pay a Partnership Fee that goes to your host, your guests will pay a Partnership Fee that comes directly to you. As your guests bring on their own guests, the 2nd & 4th new guests come directly to you! It pays to have connections!

  • Quarterly Payments

  • Quarterly Payment = Net Income x (total investments made by an individual/ total investments made by all partners)


    Every quarter we use this formula to divide the profits among all of The Network. The more positions you hold, the larger the payment! The bigger The Network, the more properties we own, and the more tenants we have, the larger the payment! This a quarterly pat on the back for a job well done.

Positions BreakDown

Every Position in the Network has a cost of $200/month. Partners can have as many positions as they’d like

– The more positions you have the more you’ll receive in Quarterly Payments –

Here is the break down of what happens with your $200 payment each month:


$25 Network Management Fee- This is used to pay fees and expenses of managing The Network.


$75 Capital Fee- This is always your money and goes directly into investing in the properties. We compound this money with all of our current Partners to invest in new properties.


$100 Partnership Fee- This is paid to your host for inviting you to The Network! When you have your guests in The Network, this Partnership Fee will come to you!

  • Management Fee

  • Capital Fee

  • Partnership Fee

Invite 3 Guests & Your Fees are Covered!



After you’ve read this through the website and have a thorough understanding of G.W. Investment Network, go to our

Start Investing page to get signed up!


*If you were referred by a friend, make sure to have their Host ID and Position Numbers*


After we receive your application we will send you an email with your new ID number and enclose instructions on how to complete the sign up process.


We will mail you the “Limited Partnership Agreement” for you to read, sign, and mail back. This will finalize the partnership between the network and the new Limited Partner, and of course, make a copy of this signed agreement for your records.


You are now a Partner! Let’s grow The Network together – Invite your friends and family to join in this investing opportunity. As they join, you’ll be offsetting your own costs at first, and then you’ll start making a profit!


*Make sure to give your guests your Host and Position Numbers so they can be attributed to you*


As we accumulate more properties, and add more partners, The Network will continue to grow and produce profit! Whether this is your first investment, or another way to diversify your portfolio, this is the perfect investment for anyone!