For a limited time, the 1st 3 months of your partnership with GW Investments Network, we’ll offer you 2 positions (a $400 value) for $300! You’ll save $100 a month for 3 months!



Limited partners can not promote or publicly advertise the program other than to refer potential partners or non-partners to the official web site with the partners ID number and position number.  The use of social medias are to be restricted to the partner’s own personal experience only and that is to be with emphasis on the income stream investment aspect of the program and not the partnership hosting aspect.  Except by material and means that have been approved by the General Partners.  The purpose of this is to guard against the risk of violating any laws that may apply to the promotion and marketing of investments and/or real estate.  Violation of this may result in the termination of the Partners interests in the network.  The return of the violating Partner’s capital invested will be determined by the General Partners and/or the network’s governing authority according to the extent of the violation and the damage and potential damage to the network.


The network governing authority may freeze a partner’s right to sell memberships, for but not limited to, misrepresentation, illegally advertising, or immoral misconduct in the promotion of the network.


Positions/ Memberships are inheritable.


The Partners must be legal permanent residence of the United States of America.


Positions/ Memberships are not assignable.  In cases of extenuating circumstances board may approve.


The quarterly payments typically DO NOT include return of capital.


Valuation of positions are the assets value divided by outstanding positions.


Position valuation of assets will be determined using the income approach of value.  This method is the most objective means of value when using factual income data gleaned by generally accepted accounting practices when determining asset value with income producing properties.


If an partner is unable to invite a guest (new partner), or guests, sufficient enough to cover their monthly network expenses ($200) in to the network due to the lack of available positions, they would be required to pay only the capital investment fee ($75) monthly.  Until a time when more positions become available.  Their host would be paid from a build up fund from the network management fees similar to a replacement fund held for commercial properties.


Partners are not required to invite other investors, but to enjoy the full benefit of the program inviting other investors (guests) is encouraged.  The more involved, the more capital available for the purchase of income producing properties and the larger quarterly payments.  The network will not guarantee that guests will be placed under the investor unless invited by that investor (host).


Payment of monthly payments should be done at the time the partner receives the invoices from the network manager and their host.  No more then 24 hours is the standard practice (Sundays and holidays are exceptions).  If you have not received payment from your guest within 48 hours after invoicing, email the guest to see if there is an issue.  Things happen in life that we all need to be sensitive to.  Timely payment is critical so that automatic withdrawals do not cause overdrafts.  Pay as you want to be paid.  If a partner gets no response after 48 hours they should contact the network manager and they will help to resolve the situation.  If lack of payment continues without reasonable cause, the network governing authority may suspend quarterly payments and/or contact the guests of the non-paying partner to redirect their monthly partnership fee payments.  If the issue continues it can result in the partner being suspend or removed from the network.  It is understood that life happens and it is the network manager’s goal to minimize any negative impact on all parties.


The purpose of using QuickBooks is to automate the invoice and payment process after the initial relationship between host and guest.  Nobody wants to be tied to their computer.  If we all pay and invoice as we want to be, we will all enjoy this venture together.


The network will not guarantee any form of profit or return of invested funds.


Partners and investors receive quarterly payments proportional to their capital investment per quarterly payment formula.